Pricing Analysis

Plan a pricing strategy that keeps you and your customers happy

Get a real-time overview of how the market prices and discounts, so you’ll always set the right price, at the right time.

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Trusted on a global scale
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Play the pricing game and win

Study historical market movements to effectively build the best price architecture for your business.

Capture higher margins

Gain higher margins by responding timely to market demands either by repricing accordingly, eliminating deadstock or liquidating stocks at the best price.

Appeal to a wider range of customers

Monitor market sensitivities across various countries and price your products according to the preferred price range locally, regionally and internationally.

Draw in more traffic

Align with market expectations from competitors for your pricing and discounting plans, so that you can drive more customers to your business.

Maximise profits during discount season

Ensure a win-win situation for your customers and your business. Keep your customers happy with just the right amount of discount without compromising on your profits.

Set the right price for every category

Drill down the market’s price architectures by categories and subcategories. A granular view of the best performing price points will help you develop a better pricing system.

Study the numbers with ease

Everyone in your team can easily utilise this tool to their best advantage, even without a background in analytics, numbers or IT.

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Thrive in a demanding market

React swiftly to market expectations and set only the best prices for your products.

  • Price products in line with demand
  • Attract customers with the right prices
  • Experience greater sellouts
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Enjoy greater profitability

When a market shifts, you’ll already be way ahead. Devise and plan repricing strategies to achieve maximum returns.

  • Understand market pricing sensitivities
  • Eliminate dead stocks
  • Liquidate stocks at the best price
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Stay ahead during discount seasons

Slash the right amount during discount seasons to ensure high traffic and even higher returns.

  • Study discounts by categories and subcategories
  • Compare competitors’ strategies
  • Offer just the right amount of discounts
Trusted on a global scale
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Pricing insights that maximise your margins and growth

Sellout performance

Oversee your competitors’ sellout rate, at both full prices and discounted prices, to see where you stand in the market.

Sellout performances in full price

Discover products that sold out at full price to determine your market’s category bestsellers.

Sellout performances in discounted price

Identify sellout products at discounted prices, so you’ll know the best repricing strategy.

Discount by category

Increase your margin by applying the right discount range for different categories and subcategories in real-time.

Price summary by category

Get a quick overview of your market’s pricing strategies to effectively understand your market’s direction.

Price breakdown of discounted items

Analyse the best discount range that increases sellouts for your business.

Price breakdown of full priced items

Examine the best price point that performs well for each category and subcategory.

Product match

Compare the same or similar SKUs across multiple platforms to see how your market is pricing the same product.

Breakdown by colours, sizes and gender

Further drill down and analyse by different variables to target a wider reach.

Flexible timeline

Select your timeline of choice which gives you answers that best meets your goals, such as sale seasons or festive occasions.

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“After working with Omnilytics, we were able to fill in the missing gaps of our assortment, gain a better understanding of our pricing strategies, and learn how to position ourselves in the industry – all in real-time.”

Bessie Ye

Founder of Rye

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