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Boost your growth at top speed. Complete with tools for sales, marketing and merchandising, Omnilytics Prime is your all-in-one deal with everything you need to propel your business forward.

Your path to becoming an industry leader.

To get to the top, you’ll need the right tools. Omnilytics Prime covers all of your needs so you can make the right decisions every single time.

Focus only on what matters

Block out distractions and white noise by drilling down to specific assortments, colours, sizes, prices, discounts and trends across the market. Use data confidently in every step along the way.

Never miss out on an opportunity

Practice flexibility in today’s ever-changing market by exploring hidden opportunities. Fill in your competitors’ gaps, invest in trends at the right time and set prices that actually bring the best to both worlds: yours and your customers’.

Drive higher sales than your competitors

Invest in the right assortment, trends, prices and discounts according to your market and consumer demand. Attract newcomers, convert leads and retain customers with products they actually want.

Save time in every step

Enhance each funnel with data-backed decisions. From designing, to merchandising, buying and marketing, you and your team can avoid time-consuming practices and reach your goals - all with one platform.

Stand out all year round

Align with market expectations in every festive, sale or runway season. Be faster, smarter and more efficient by building an assortment that ticks all the boxes: trending styles, materials, colours and categories.

Catch up to market demands in real-time

Watch market movements in real-time and venture into the best opportunity for you and your business. Access all three tools to complement each data information and be up to speed in the market today.

Uncover the secret weapon to your growth.

Discover hidden opportunities in minutes

With Omnilytics Prime, you can fill in market gaps and provide your customers with what they have always been asking for.

View emerging trends in your market, benchmark against competitors and identify an assortment they don’t offer, as well as set pricing strategies that align with market expectations.

With the ability to watch every aspect of the market, you can easily discover untapped opportunities and capitalise on them effectively. Avoid fads that aren’t actually selling well, ensuring you don’t waste resources in unfruitful areas. By watching sellout performances in real-time, you’ll be able to see what efforts are worth venturing into - and what aren’t.

Invest in golden opportunities and avoid falling into traps by making data-backed business decisions every time.

Features that make this possible:

Drive more sales with the right products

Construct an assortment filled with the right products, with the right trends, at the right price.

Omnilytics Prime shows you the bestselling products in your market, breaking down colours, assortment categories, sizes, and materials. This makes it easier for you to plan your next collection; one that matches your customers’ demands and garners you more sales.

Dive deeper into each section and view how competitors position their bestsellers. Adopt the strategies that work and learn from the ones that don’t. Examine your market’s price sensitivities and expectations, build your pricing architecture and ensure that the right products are always priced right.

Reach your business’ fullest potential by introducing products your customers are actually looking for.

Features that make this possible:

Meet market demands in real-time

Stay ahead of the curve by watching it move, as it moves.

Omnilytics Prime is designed to not only match you to the market’s fast-paced environment but to propel you forward; so you’re always ahead of the curve.

Study real-time market movements in order to accurately identify trends that are growing or declining. Know exactly how a trend is performing across markets and be the first to adopt top performing ones into your assortment and remove the ones your customers are no longer interested in.

Capture the best margin with the right prices in every season. Study historical pricing and discounting strategies in real-time and plan your pricing architecture accordingly to maximise your profits while keeping your customers happy.

Features that make this possible:

Gain an advantage over the market

Beat your competitors with what they’re missing out on.

Use Omnilytics Prime to watch their every move. From colour palettes to bestsellers and even discounting strategies, you can access all of their decisions in just a few clicks.

Compare and contrast different competitors from a timeline of your choice to identify how they performed during different seasons. Channel your resources into the the strategies that worked and learn from the ones that didn’t.

Benchmark against your competitors to determine profitable segments you can take your business into. By delving into their assortments, prices, discounts, colours, sizes and materials, you can identify unserved segments in the market to fill before anyone else.

Accelerate your growth by leveraging on your competitors’ effective strategies while saving time and resources avoiding ineffective ones.

Features that make this possible:

Align your vision and focus only on what truly matters

Channel the right energy into your team by implementing the right process: focusing only on important things.

In every funnel- from merchandising to marketing and sales - Omnilytics Prime will improve work efficiency from the team level all the way down to each individual member.

Merchandisers and buyers can conduct competitor shopping in mere minutes. They’ll be able to view assortments from over 75,000 brands in a glance and immediately pinpoint bestsellers to adopt into their product mix.

The sales team can verify what consumers in the market are demanding, from styles to colours, prints and even materials - helping them to sell more, even in a competitive environment.

Marketers gain by being able to create marketing campaigns or promotions that accurately target their customers with the right product and price.

Omnilytics Prime saves time for every team member in your company, effectively meeting your goals with speed, accuracy and precision.

Features that make this possible:

Trusted on a global scale.

We work with some of the best brands and retailers across the world. We’ve helped them grow, and now we’re more than ready to achieve the same with you.

Trusted on a global scale
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and more

Full-suite solution to study trends, monitor competitors and analyse pricing.

Uptrending list

Study emerging trends and keep your customers coming back by capturing the right trends at the right time.

Downtrending list

Avoid costly mistakes by monitoring declining trends, saving your team time and effort.

Trends’ lifecycle

Grasp the lifespan of a specific trend and capitalise it at its highest peak.

Colour trends

Identify colour palettes of the season with the ability to further drill down to each respective shade with minimum effort.

Competitors’ sellout performance

Oversee your competitors’ sellout rate, at both full prices and discounted prices, to see where you stand in the market.

Assortment between retailers and brands

Compare your competitors side by side to better understand market gaps and potential opportunities.

Price segmentation

Delve deeper into the common price ranges in your market so that you can align and meet market expectations.

Sellout price performance

Observe sellout rate by categories at both full and discounted prices to spot pricing gaps in your market.

Price breakdown of discounted items

Analyse the best discount range that increases sellouts for your business.

Price breakdown of full priced items

Examine the best price point that performs well for each category and subcategory.

Low prices, high returns.

We want to make data accessible to everyone, starting with affordable pricing.


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“After working with Omnilytics, we were able to fill in the missing gaps of our assortment, gain a better understanding of our pricing strategies, and learn how to position ourselves in the industry – all in real-time.”

Bessie Ye — Founder, RYE

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