Omnilytics PatternOmnilytics Pattern

Design collections that connect with customers

You can design the products your customers really want, when they want them, with validated data.

With Omnilytics,
design teams can

Be at the forefront of trends

Identify trend signals, adopt them into your collections before your competitors and be the market authority.
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Spot opportunity gaps

Get insights into the bestselling styles, fit, silhouettes and patterns that your target audience is looking for and identify missed opportunities.
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Validate trend forecasts

Complement your research from broad forecasts with real-time trend analytics for precise design decisions.
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Launch commercially-driven collections

Design the right assortment mix for your customers based on seasonality, climate and local festivities across markets.
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“Omnilytics helps us validate the competitive landscape and trends. Previously, we only observed - in malls, for example - and made assumptions on what was selling and where customers are shopping. Omnilytics confirms these assumptions.” 

How DUST Optimises E-Commerce Growth with Omnilytics
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