Trends Performance

Create bestselling assortments. Every time.

Know exactly how a trend is performing, adopt the best ones into your assortment and always be the prepared to fulfill your customers’ every wish.

Never miss a bestselling trend again.

Identify what your market is stocking up on and determine the bestselling ones in real-time.

Design an assortment that sells

Build a bestselling assortment effortlessly. The right products garner higher traffic which leads to higher sales and greater growth for your business.

Maximise gains in every market

Adjust your assortments accordingly to different markets by analysing cross-market trends. Incorporate the right styles in the right places to maximise your gains.

Capitalise on growing trends

Tap on the best performing trends globally before anyone else in your market. View SKUs from over 75,000 brands at a glance - across colours, categories, sizes, styles and price- all in one place.

Enhance visual merchandising with minimum effort

Remove time-consuming efforts in your visual merchandising process and instead, study visuals of bestselling trends across the market in just one page.

Invest in trends that are actually trending

Minimise unverifiable trends with actionable insights. Determine if a specific trending style is an isolated case or an industry phenomenon - whether country-specific, regional or global.

Perfect for all team members

Whether you’re a merchandiser or marketer, the Trends Performance tool is easy to navigate and filled with actionable insights, making it suitable for all to utilise according to their goals.

Optimise your assortment with bestsellers

Adopt only the best performing products into your assortment by watching trend movements in real-time.

  • Create an effective product mix

  • Maximise sales with the top performing trends

  • Minimise deadstock

Avoid missed opportunities

Discover top performing trends in markets other than your own to identify potential profitable opportunities.

  • Adopt the best trends for your business

  • Stock the right trends across markets

  • Understand a trend’s lifecycle

Expand your reach and maximise growth

Appeal to different markets with the trends they’re asking for.

  • Conduct cross-market analysis

  • Identify key trends in different countries

  • Incorporate the season’s latest categories and styles

Trusted on a global scale.

We work with some of the best brands and retailers across the world. We’ve helped them grow, and now we’re more than ready to achieve the same with you.

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Time-saving trend analysis tool that turns your assortment planning into sales.

Uptrending list

Study emerging trends and keep your customers coming back by capturing the right trends at the right time.

Downtrending list

Avoid costly mistakes by monitoring declining trends, saving your team time and effort.

Trends’ lifecycle

Grasp the lifespan of a specific trend and capitalise it at its highest peak.

Category trends

Adopt trending categories into your own assortment. Drill down to the subcategory level to get a clearer picture.

Colour trends

Identify colour palettes of the season with the ability to further drill down to each respective shade with minimum effort.

Visual merchandising

Automate your visual merchandising process with the product visuals page and see how trending products are styled, all in one place.

Trends on discount

Observe trending products that are discounted for the first time to capture opportunities for your business.

New-in items

Get an overview of the market’s recently stocked items to gauge market expectations.

Increase rate

Prioritise what goes into your assortment by comparing the top trending styles in percentages.

Decrease rate

Optimise your assortment with only the right trends by monitoring downtrending styles in percentages.

Low prices, high returns.

We want to make data accessible to everyone, starting with affordable pricing.


USD 50

per month • billed monthly

  • Uptrending and downtrending trends

  • Sell out performances

  • Historical timeline: 3 months

  • Live chat


USD 200

per month • billed monthly

  • Everything from Starter's package

  • Stock status

  • Historical timeline: 6 months

  • Live chat, email support

  • 3 brand requests


Talk to Sales
  • Everything from Professional's package

  • Custom reports

  • Historical timeline: 12 months

  • Dedicated support team

  • Goal management

  • 10 brand requests

“After working with Omnilytics, we were able to fill in the missing gaps of our assortment, gain a better understanding of our pricing strategies, and learn how to position ourselves in the industry – all in real-time.”

Bessie Ye — Founder, RYE

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