Trends Performance

Create bestselling assortments. Every time.

Know exactly which trends to invest in, and when, with validated data. Create collections your customers will love.

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Optimise your assortment with bestsellers

Maximise profitability with commercially-driven assortments built around validated bestsellers that meet customers’ demands.

Invest in the right trends at the right time

Identify growing trends to capitalise on before your competitors and avoid declining ones to achieve maximum gains.

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Maintain healthy inventory levels

Consistently meet stock cover targets and minimise deadstock by getting assortment planning right from the very beginning.

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Cross-market Analysis

Understand the performance of emerging trends across markets and regions to inform your decision-making.

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Assortment Planning

Create winning collections that leverage the bestselling trends your customers are looking for, each and every time.

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Trade Reporting

See the shifts in current market demand in real-time and make accurate trade decisions that keep you ahead of the competition.

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