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Maximise Profitability with Commercially-driven Assortments

Create an assortment plan that reflects true market demand and fulfils the exact needs of your customers.
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Gut-feeling Isn’t Optimised for Today’s Market

Today’s consumers are trend-savvy - in a competitive landscape, solely relying on intuition and historical data for assortment planning leaves you behind.

Alienating Your Customers with Redundant Styles

Over-reliance on historic data leads you to produce similar styles for every season. Small design tweaks won’t help you stand out against the competition.

Glaring Gaps You’ve Missed

Without clear market visibility and commercial awareness, you’re likely to miss out on key opportunities in your market, resulting in underpotentialised sales.

Failing to Keep Pace with Ever-changing Seasonality

Not every trend making waves online translates to sales. Stocking up on fads leads to more misses than hits, incurring further costs.

Unoptimised Pricing Architecture

Pricing without understanding market expectations poses high risk to your profit margin. Every dollar counts when competition is fighting for your customer’s attention.

Build an Assortment that Sells with Omnilytics

Skip the second-guessing and produce a data-backed assortment that captures your customers instantly.

Strengthen Brand Positioning with Products They Want

Craft an assortment that not only represents your brand but also has the right balance of newness. Easily discover macro-level insights and what’s trending on Omnilytics.

Identify Trends Ahead of Time

Pinpoint rising trends from market leaders and incorporate those right for your customers. Always have what your customers are looking for, right when they want it.

Close Opportunity Gaps Swiftly

Spot what’s missing by analysing competitors’ category mix and trade performance. With Omnilytics, you’ll confidently build a category that has the right assortment breadth and depth.

Set a Price Strategy That Works

Price according to market expectations with Omnilytics. With a full overview of your competitors’ price architecture at your fingertips, quickly identify your own pricing sweet spot.

Optimise on Bestsellers

Connect with customers with the right trends at the right price

Trends Performance

Detect emerging trends regionally and globally before the competition to be the leader in your market.
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Competitor Benchmarking

Craft a winning strategy that optimises on the opportunities your competitors are missing.
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Pricing Analysis

Maintain competitiveness by benchmarking against the competition to identify the pricing sweet spot.
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“Omnilytics helps us validate the competitive landscape and trends. Previously, we only observed - in malls, for example - and made assumptions on what was selling and where customers are shopping. Omnilytics confirms these assumptions.” 

How DUST Optimises E-Commerce Growth with Omnilytics
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