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Strike at the perfect time

Launch and markdown at the right time to consistently meet sales targets – never again miss a huge sales opportunity.
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Imprecise timing is hindering your brand’s growth

It doesn’t help that the market is oversaturated, making it easier to get drowned out by cutthroat competition.

Under-potentialised sales

Get the launch timing wrong and you miss out on higher market share. Launching too early (or too late) means your competitors reap the profits.

Lack of visibility affects your profitability

Without a clear understanding of both the market and your inventory levels, you’re at risk of holding on to ageing stock and setting unoptimised discounting strategies.

High discounts, low customer retention

Over-discounting is a short-term strategy that not only dilutes your brand image but also negatively impacts your profit.

Messaging that doesn’t excite

In a competitive landscape, sales fall through the cracks when you repetitively create generic promotion messaging.

Deliver what your customers want, right when they want it

Never be caught off guard. With Omnilytics, you’ll be able to plan the perfect timing for your market.

Shape your launch calendar on commerciality and consumer demand

Introduce newness at the ideal point in every season. With Omnilytics, you can easily identify in-season styles and the key promotional months to launch.

Know your competitors’ every move, act with confidence

Cut through the noise by monitoring yours and your competitors’ strategies in real-time. This way, you can plan ahead and turn your slow-movers into sales.

Meet your sales plan with effective markdowns

Emerge as the winner by placing strategic discounts - ones that help you to keep inventory at an optimum level and maintain profitability.

Capture your customers with the right story

With the click-of-a-button on Omnilytics, you’ll get a full overview of your competitors’ promotional communications, including the best times for seasonal updates.

Launch with confidence

Plan for newness and promotions at the ideal time

Visual Merchandising

Monitor your competitors’ new launches and promotions and take immediate action to stay ahead.
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Ageing Analysis

Maintain inventory health by swiftly identifying slow movers and ageing stock to clear.
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Maintain competitiveness by benchmarking against the competition to identify the pricing sweet spot.
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“Omnilytics helps us validate the competitive landscape and trends. Previously, we only observed - in malls, for example - and made assumptions on what was selling and where customers are shopping. Omnilytics confirms these assumptions.” 

How DUST Optimises E-Commerce Growth with Omnilytics
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