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Digital Revolution: Key Lessons from the Crisis and How Fashion Can Navigate the “Next Normal”

Some companies have a tougher time surviving the crisis, the others are embracing digitally-driven ways. Here's how to navigate the now, and in the future.

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What to expect

This guide helps you to navigate the now, to ensure business continuity, and for the future, to be in a stronger position to win the market. Topics covered include:

  • Optimising current inventory

    Strengthen core offerings and redirect seasonal trends to other markets
  • Smart promotions and tactical discounting

    Markdown effectively without diluting brand image
  • Strengthen relationships with manufacturers & suppliers

    Why cancelling orders is a short-term solution
  • Transform supply chains into demand chains

    Increase agility to meet consumer demands
  • Importance of digitising the value chain

    Key steps to evolve current merchandising, buying and the customer experience

“It’s important to understand where you are at the moment, analysing what is happening with your sales and stock, and then looking at stock management strategies and initiatives.”

Avatar Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Ex-Head of Merchandising and Head of Retail for China at Asos

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