People, Data and Practice. We bring it all together

Louis Vuitton launched eCom. Amazon predicts demand. Zara leads the way. What do these 3 companies have in common? They aligned their people, data and processes to act as one.

The retail industry is shifting. The brands that get ahead, stay ahead. In every fashion segment – luxury, premium and fast fashion, this holds true. The question to ask yourself is, are you ahead of the competition?

Omnilytics is a retail data platform with real-time ecommerce data on products of over 75,000 brands globally. We built it to be 100% integration free because we know that time is of the essence in retail.

From creating account to personalised onboarding, you will be up and running in an hour.

My name is Sylvia. I co-founded Omnilytics and I co-lead the Client Success team. Our role is to help you achieve your goals by aligning your people, data and processes, all without the complexity of integration.

We promise to be present, to guide you and your team to be the most effective and successful players in your industry. To not treat you as a number, but as a person. Unlimited support, every day.
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Sylvia Yin
Co-founder of Omnilytics