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Trading & Reporting

Trade quicker, with greater confidence

React before the market. Maximise opportunities in trading and meet consumer demand every week, month, and season – while having full visibility of your competitors.

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Manual trade reporting is costing you

Trends are moving faster than ever, but your current processes aren’t up to speed. Manual trading gives you low visibility, leaving you little time to react.

Traditional comp shop offers little precision

Visiting competitors’ stores and websites is not only laborious but also provides inaccurate insights into the current market.

Inaccuracy leads to higher risks

Manual trade reporting lacks accuracy and leads to competitor blindspots. You only see what’s in store, not what’s selling.

Missed timing and opportunities

Delayed reaction misses demand in today’s consumer-driven environment, leading to lower sell-through and higher inventory levels.

Ageing inventory and costly markdowns

Clearing by discounting can lead to high markdowns on outdated trends, impacting sales and brand perception.

Trade faster with Omnilytics

Power your trading decisions with Omnilytics. Your effort is halved and you achieve greater results.

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Global comp shop in minutes

Don’t waste time browsing your competitors’ websites. With Omnilytics, quickly understand what your competitors are trading at a click-of-a-button.

Ace Monday trade meetings

Stay ahead of the competition and on top of current market demands. All of your trading decisions will not only be made instantly, but validated.

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Spot profitable opportunities instantly

Track market shifts on Omnilytics and understand which are the right trends to invest in, the right products to replenish and the right prices to set.

Maximise margins with strategic pricing

Go to market with a pricing strategy that optimises both margins and consumer demand from the start.

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“All departments in Hermanas use the Omnilytics Dashboard, which allows us to obtain information quickly and helps us to validate any uncertainties with ease.”
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Nurul YasminMerchandiser at Hermanas

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Trade with accuracy

Make trading decisions with speed and confidence

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Take your retail strategy to the next level

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