A Recap of Eid Fashion 2020 (Indonesia)

A Recap of Eid Fashion 2020 (Indonesia)

Written by OmnilyticsJuly 14, 2020

A Recap of Eid Fashion 2020 (Indonesia)

This year’s Eid fashion was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in Southeast Asia where the festivity is widely celebrated. Social distancing had not only dampened demand but also impeded brands’ ability to produce and market collections like in the years past.

Omnilytics Country Manager in Indonesia, Caroline Lie breaks down key findings from the Southeast Asia: Eid Fashion in the Time of COVID-19 report, including:

  • Eid trade performance
  • Pricing & discounting strategies
  • Top colours and trends
  • Quick tips for spotting category opportunities to optimise upcoming Idul Adha collections.

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