Day 3: How to do trade reporting?

Trade reporting is a fashion merchandiser’s evaluation of product and inventory performance against market insights. It takes account of internal sales performance and external market factors to evaluate a brand’s progress and plan for future assortment.

In this third edition of our Fashion Merchandising: effective in-season management strategies video course, we learn all the ins and outs of trade reporting.

Meet the speakers:

Presented by Elaine Low and Aniq Wafi, we boiled down 40+ years of merchandising knowledge from global brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Topshop and more into a simple easy-to-follow 5 day series on in-season management strategies.

What you will learn from the webinar:

  1. The definition of trade reporting
  2. Standard procedures of trade reporting
  3. A tutorial on WSSI, a comprehensive trade reporting tool

Trade reporting is…

The evaluation of the sales, product and inventory performance against market insights – compiled and analysed by a merchandiser.

What are the benefits of trade reporting?

  • Understanding the progress of your retail business
  • Strategising the merchandising plan to achieve the sales target
  • Reacting to market changes
  • Analysing competitor performance
  • Maintaining a healthy inventory position
  • Keeping markdowns low
  • Sustaining a steady cash flow

The sequence of trade reporting:

Tools required in trade reporting:

An example of a WSSI template

For a complete tutorial of the WSSI process, please refer to the webinar.

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