Discover What Sells Online – for Free!

Discover What Sells Online – for Free!

Written by OmnilyticsOctober 28, 2020

Discover What Sells Online – for Free!

Have you wondered what your consumers are buying and where they buy it from?

This is where Omnilytics can help.

In our latest webinar, we partnered with Zalora to demonstrate how suppliers can get value out of our platform’s industry and consumer insights.

Along with IMDA’s DRB program, Omnilytics is offering an exclusive package to Zalora suppliers that subscribe by 30th November 2020 – a SGD 5,000/year package, fully subsidised by the SG Government.

During the session, we covered:

  • How to identify category opportunities, validate trends and optimise pricing with Omnilytics.
  • How real-time data can be harnessed to make commercial decisions.
  • The criteria and process for getting the IMDA Digital Resilience Bonus grant.

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