How Data Analytics Complements Trend Forecasting

How Data Analytics Complements Trend Forecasting

Written by OmnilyticsMarch 4, 2020

How Data Analytics Complements Trend Forecasting

Our industry is going through turbulent times. Slow economic growth, societal shifts and rapid digitalisation are affecting fashion retailers faster than they can respond. 

While trend forecasts offer industry professionals future direction to guide the design and development process, the rise of social media and societal shifts have provided new avenues for fashion trends to emerge, changing the way we perceive and translate trends.

Data analytics contextualises these forecasts so retailers can identify the signals of an upward moving trend early, allowing them to validate the trend while minimising guesswork.

What you’ll learn from this 14-minute webinar: 

  • How trend forecasting has affected the fashion industry
  • The pros and cons involved in fashion trend forecasting
  • Why data analytics is an important tool for trend detection 
  • 3 case studies on key trend forecasts for Spring/Summer 2020

Meet your speaker

Matthew is the Director of Retail at Omnilytics. He is responsible for growing the Omnilytics brand globally and driving data-backed retail strategies for all his enterprise fashion clients. He has worked with the likes Adidas, Shiseido, Zalora and Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few.

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