Omnilytics Fashion Summit 2021 Library

Omnilytics Fashion Summit 2021 Library

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Omnilytics Fashion Summit 2021 Library

May 17, 2021
Omnilytics Fashion Summit 2021 Library

Our Fashion Summit 2021, titled “Supercharge your product performance with fashion taxonomy” recently ended on 29th July.

We hope you have gained valuable insights from the industry leaders who shared their perspectives about taxonomy’s role in improving your business’ merchandising, personalisation and pricing strategies.

If you wish to rewatch the recordings and share it with your peers, we have uploaded all five speakers’ sessions here. You can also download their respective speaker decks for further reference.

What is Taxonomy?

Kendrick Wong takes us through the basics of taxonomy classification in today’s businesses. With the aid of image and text recognition software, a taxonomy infrastructure engine eliminates inconsistencies and misclassifications, tagging retail products in a consistent and robust way.

Speaker: Kendrick Wong, CEO of Omnilytics

Taxonomy: How to Use it to Improve Merchandising?

Ruth Morton addresses the challenges currently faced by merchandising taxonomy and provides solutions on how to build better assortments through digital and visual taxonomy analysis.

Speaker: Ruth Morton, Former Fashion Buyer of Mothercare

Pricing Strategy: Using Taxonomy to Help you Determine your Pricing Point

Alessio Romeni highlights how taxonomy plays an important role in helping ZALORA create accurate competitor benchmarks and price point implementations.

Speaker: Alessio Romeni, CRO of ZALORA Group

Personalised Ads: How to use Taxonomy to Help you with Targeted Ads?

Vivek Thomas demonstrates how taxonomy can improve your marketing strategies on paid and organic platforms.

Speaker: Vivek Thomas Managing Director of AiSensum

Panel Discussion: The Future of Data-Driven Taxonomy with Artificial Intelligence

Kendrick Wong, Gary Jackson and Kevin Lao discuss how Artificial Intelligence can take data-driven taxonomy to new heights.


  • Kendrick Wong, CEO of Omnilytics
  • Gary Jackson, Executive Director of Innovation and Enablement of Qualex Consulting Services
  • Kevin Lao, Merchandising & Business Intelligence Manager of AEROWORX ASIA

About the Author

Before her current fashion content writer role at Omnilytics, Aqilah Zailan was already decoding trends in the retail space. She now produces articles for Omnilytics’ blog and continues to keep a keen eye on shifting trends in the fashion industry.