Operational Excellence: Navigating Store Openings Post Covid-19

Operational Excellence: Navigating Store Openings Post Covid-19

Written by OmnilyticsJune 2, 2020

Operational Excellence: Navigating Store Openings Post Covid-19

For the past few months, uncertainty loomed in retail as Covid-19 shuttered physical retail stores globally, and without an end-date for when stores could reopen.

Now, as lockdowns and restrictions ease, fashion brands and retailers face a new problem: retail is no longer the same.

With changes in consumers’ shopping habits and frontend operations, how can fashion brands and retailers craft an effective reopen strategy?

Operational excellence comes in many forms, and Bob Neville, the creative expert behind over 10,000 store concepts for New Balance and Adidas across the globe, shares his perspective on revamping operations to meet today’s consumer needs.

“There becomes a necessity to be adaptive and to look at what you’re doing, and how you’re doing things – and be receptive to change in new ways.”

In this webinar, he joins Simon Collins, co-founder of WeDesign, former Creative Director of Nike and Dean of Parsons School of Fashion, to discuss:

  • How the shopping experience will evolve
  • The many facets of ‘operational excellence’
  • Navigating a consumer-driven environment
  • Investments in technology for greater efficiency

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