Pivot Your Buying and Supply Chain

Pivot Your Buying and Supply Chain

Written by OmnilyticsMay 29, 2020

Pivot Your Buying and Supply Chain

When it comes to buying, the next normal will see a new wave of permanent changes.

Brands and retailers must plan now to prepare for when the market shifts.

  • The call for sustainability is stronger than ever today – what should brands and retailers now do differently given the overstock in the market?
  • The current fashion seasonality cycle is burdening the industry, and at times confuses the consumers. If smaller cycles are the way forward, how does this impact seasonality?
  • How can buyers spot emerging demands – given that seasonal trends are now obsolete?

David Binns, the former Head of Buying at Marks and Spencers and Buying, Sourcing and Supply Chain Expert, answers these questions in our latest webinar, Pivot your Buying and Supply Chain.

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