Seasonless Landscape – How Will Merchandising Change?

Seasonless Landscape – How Will Merchandising Change?

Written by OmnilyticsJune 16, 2020

Seasonless Landscape – How Will Merchandising Change?

Merchandising and the way we plan has had very little adaptation over the years – but now, the seasonless landscape has upended how we operate.

In this session, Sarah Johnson shares how to break the seasonal cycle in merchandising and the new way of moving forward.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Allows trends to evolve and understand the true demand for products.
  • With the removal of the seasonal label, customers can expect fewer discounts.
  • Using data, you can buy the right quantities to sell out, ready with the next relevant product to launch.

This webinar is part of our Fashion Business Summit with other 5 guest speakers from Macy’s, Marks & Spencer and more. Click here to access the full library.

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