Sell Smarter with Retail Analytics

Sell Smarter with Retail Analytics

Written by OmnilyticsNovember 3, 2020

Sell Smarter with Retail Analytics

The retail landscape is changing. Digital trends have been accelerated, with e-commerce spend growing amidst the COVID-19 Crisis. Consumer behaviours are changing rapidly, due to tighter pockets and shift in purchasing values. Past sales data are no longer indicative of future sales performance. 

In this webinar held with Singapore Retailers Association, featuring Kendrick Wong, CEO of Omnilytics and special guest, Bessie Ye, Founder and Designer of local womenswear label, RYE and discover:

  • Ways to leverage Retail Analytics to understand consumer demand
  • How RYE grew by 60% by Omnilytics
  • Criteria and process for getting the IMDA Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) grant (valued at $5,000)

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