Webinar | Crisis Response Action: Strengthening Sales

Webinar | Crisis Response Action: Strengthening Sales

Written by OmnilyticsMarch 26, 2020

Webinar | Crisis Response Action: Strengthening Sales

With the Covid-19 pandemic reaching a global scale, retailers have to start implementing mitigating tactics to counteract its effects on fashion retail.

One of the key areas to tackle is sales. It is now more crucial than ever for retailers to strengthen and secure sales by using real-time data to align with market demands.

Our Director of Retail, Matthew Lovett, will be taking you through the course of actions you should take to maximise margins.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Analyse the performance of your competitors
  • Identify top-performing styles, silhouettes, sizes and colours
  • Optimise pricing strategy

Download our latest report, Fashion Retail & The Covid-19 Crisis for deeper insights!

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