Your Role in Redefining the Retail Business

Your Role in Redefining the Retail Business

Written by OmnilyticsJune 16, 2020

Your Role in Redefining the Retail Business

What is the state of fashion today?

In today’s Covid-19 fashion landscape, consumer priorities have quickly shifted. From where the products are sold to how they are marketed, every step of the value chain has to be transformed.

Kendrick Wong breaks down these key challenges – and how each of us can redefine the business.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Demand has become the controlling force, not the supply
  • Looking externally, not to compare but to better understand our positioning in the market
  • Shoppers have a sea of options to choose from, and many are less concerned about the brand than getting what they want at the best price


Kendrick Wong, CEO of Omnilytics. Contact him at

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