What does Data Say AboutWGSN’s SS2020 Trend Forecast?

WGSN reports are a great industry resource for guiding direction and for understanding consumer aspirations. But how can we turn future inspirations into validated insights for actions?

BOF WGSN Layer 1
Report content

Forecasted Neo-Mint
Failed to take off in fast fashion

Inspiration only gets you so far in today’s competitive retail landscape. Trend forecasts need translating through the lens of your own market’s data.

Solve common problems with a combined art + science approach:

  • Translate trends

    with your unique perspective for a competitive edge
  • Launch trends

    right when your customers want them
  • Create collections

    that are tailored to your region and segment
  • Stock up the right depth

    to meet demands and minimise risks
HT WGSN Report

WGSN does future-thinking best, so we leave that to them.Omnilytics equips you for taking trends to market.

  • Gain full visibility

    of your stock performance at the tip of your fingers.
  • Diversify your supply-chain

    by re-locating the right products to alternative production sources.
  • Strengthen your allocation strategy

    by re-forecasting the right products to the right markets.
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