What is Omnilytics?

Omnilytics is a fashion analytics and insights software that makes real-time competitor data accessible, simplifies decision-making and drives higher profit.

The fashion industry today isn’t slowing down.

You not only have to compete in markets that are shifting faster, but you also have to meet consumers’ growing demands.

illustration saturated market

Thousands of new brands join an already saturated market - daily.

illustration dead inventory

Dead inventory due to poor assortment planning is costing the industry $50 billion.

illustration wrong initial pricing

40% of inventory is cleared by markdowns due to wrong initial pricing.

How do you make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes?

Holistic, real-time data helps.

“But wait” you say.

illustration wrong questions

We understand your pain,
which is why we built the Omnilytics Dashboard.

illustration analyse competitors

Analyse your competitors with speed

Benchmark against your competitors effortlessly.

illustration build retail strategy

Build a precise retail strategy

Set the right pricing and discount strategy in your market.

illustration plan assortment

Accurately plan your assortment

Watch market trends in real-time and stock up on the right products.

It doesn’t stop there.

Sellout Performance

Oversee your competitors' sellout rate, at both full prices and discounted prices, to see where you stand in the market.

Compare Assortments

Compare your competitors side by side to better understand market gaps and potential opportunities.

Product Match (Beta)

Compare the same or similar SKUs across multiple platforms to see how your market is pricing the same product.

Pricing Breakdown

Gain higher margins by responding timely to market demands. Reprice accordingly, eliminate deadstock and liquidate stocks at the best price.

Colour Trends

Identify colour palettes of the season with the ability to further drill down to respective shades with minimum effort.

Flexible Timeline

Select your timeline of choice which gives you answers that best meets your goals, such as sale seasons or festive occasions.

Here’s how it works when you use
Omnilytics Dashboard

avatar julia

This is Julia. She's the co-founder of a fast fashion brand and an Omnilytics customer.

avatar julia

Before she starts designing her new collection, she looks to Omnilytics' Trends Performance tool to see the uptrending styles.

Before Omnilytics, Julia had to do 7 days worth of research on competitors' website, social media and online forums - without knowing if it will even sell.
avatar julia

Julia then uses Omnilytics Competitors Benchmarking tool see her competitors' bestselling assortment - and if they had the same trends.

Back then, she faced countless missed opportunities. Today, she's always the first to supply the right trends.
avatar julia

In just a day, Julia found:

- The bestselling trends
- The top colours to look for
- The optimum size range
- The number of SKUs to produce

avatar julia

Lastly, she looked to Omnilytics' Pricing Analysis tool to gauge market expectations.

avatar julia

Previously, Julia set high discounts in a bid to attract customers. Now, she finds the sweet spot that benefits both her and her customers.

avatar julia

Julia's collection saw high success!

Real-time data, real-life improvements.

avatar bessie ye

“I think our success stems from the fact that we made the right decision every time – and we did it through data-supported decisions with Omnilytics. Our business grew year-on-year by over 60%!”

avatar ming

“Omnilytics has helped me make the right decisions, each and every time. I’ve saved 50% of my time that I would normally spend on researching, which resulted in higher sales. It’s a huge win-win for us.”


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